Broken Heart Syndrome (Deluxe Edition)

Welcome to our Pre-Order Party.  We're excited to announce the upcoming release of our 4th and 5th studio album!!!  That's right, 4th AND 5th as this record is a 2 CD Digipak loaded with 21 tracks and more than 80 minutes of emotive, melodic Hard Rock!!!  In addition to pouring our souls into each and every track  on disc 1, we decided to give you something completely different & unique for disc 2.  A sort of "reverse engineering".  If for no other reason,  just to see if it could be done & to test if these songs hold up to the ultimate test.  The result is an intimate & vulnerable, stripped naked, Acoustic rendition of each track that breathes a whole new life into each song!  We pushed far beyond any semblance of a  comfort zone or safety net on this record.  Up to the point of complete exhaustion.  But still, somehow,  here we are.  Better. Stronger.  Partly Sane:)  And, we can't wait for you to listen to what we've been working on for the last 8 months as we unleash this BEAST on you!!!  Below are some Pre-Order packages that we hope you enjoy in anticipation of the official release date of 11/29/19.  BLACK FRIDAY!  So, if YOU CAN'T WAIT... pick up one of the packs below and enjoy the early entrance. Because waiting in line sucks.  And we all know the cool kids get in first:)  Free shipping on all North American orders. 

THANK YOU for your support of all things CORE!!!  Crank it up!!!

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