CORE features big guitars and a super-powerful vocal from Jeremy Johnson that's a cross between Layne Staley & Kevin Martin. On top of that, the drums hit hard. This band is good, like really good. They're different, Johnson's vocal has it's own badass characterists and they're not trying to be really anything other than a great rock band.”

— Alternative Addiction

...And while we’re talking vocals, I was really impressed by CORE, who opened the show for Bach. Jeremy Johnson’s lead vocals and lead guitar work were spot on, while Arthur Wallace on the bass and Adam Rogge on the drums rounded out this tight trio, that had plenty of edge, but also an abundance of depth in its’ lyrics. ”

— Jeff Harkness/Town Square Media

This was my third time seeing Core and I like what I've seen each time. The band brings a good energy with melodic/mainstream sounding rock. I know people got into it as I still had people talking to me about Core the next day so a lasting impact was left there for sure. A lot of bands like Core seem to get better every time you see them, both their stage presence, working the crowd and just the sound of the live show. I thought they put on another solid show to get the party started for the headliner! (Direct Support for Candlebox)”

— Rusty Rockit -94.1 FM, The Rock


CORE is not your average hard rock band. Hailing from South Dakota this power trio is armed with an intense and blistering live performance.  They have opened for popular national acts SHINEDOWN, SEVENDUST, ALTER BRIDGE, BUCKCHERRY, HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD, SALIVA, TRAPT, RED, SAVING ABEL, POP EVIL, CANDLEBOX, POWERMAN 5000, ORGY, EVE TO ADAM, CANDLELIGHT RED, EVAN'S BLUE, SEBASTIAN BACH, NEW MEDICINE, CAVO, DAYS OF THE NEW,  SEASON'S AFTER, WES BORELAND (of Limp Bizkit, and Black Light Burns), THE DREAMING, CINDER ROAD, DROPPING DAYLIGHT,  & CHRIS VOLZ as well as many others.

CORE have a devoted national following & are currently in support of their much anticipated 4th Album. "Broken Heart Syndrome (Deluxe Edition)" is an ambitious 21 track double disc offering that was unleashed worldwide on Black Friday 2019.  Originally released in 2015 on Turkey Vulture Records/Universal Music Group/Caroline, the band, now being free from the binds of a label wanted to redo the album independently. The result is a blistering 120+ minute rocker featuring the original 11 tracks in a much punchier and in your face mix, as well as acoustic versions of each song stripped naked to their purest form.  The response has been more than 900,000 YouTube views as of this release, with almost 20% of that coming from the June 15th, 2020 release of the song "Daydream Junkie".

Previously, CORE has independently released "St. Judas Day Parade" in July, 2010. The singles "Hate Me Harder", "Dig", "Live Forever", and "You're So Fake" received nationwide airplay on active rock and college radio stations. In 2007, CORE's debut album "We All Fall Down" earned rave reviews from TAXI &, citing the songs "Eisoptrophobia", "Confession", and "Calling John Coffey" as favorites. All albums are available digitally everywhere as well as directly thru

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